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Welcome to the Divine Light Center! A space of Spiritual Guidance for Awakening Souls.

About Sameer

Hello! My name is Sameer. I am a Spiritual Teacher and Psychic Reader. I have been consciously learning and practising energy work and meditation techniques for more than 30 years. Along the way I have trained with many amazing Teachers in various spiritual modalities like Silva, Reiki, Chigung, Pranic Healing, Zen and Chienlung. I completed my Minister's training from the Church of Inner Light in Boulder, Colorado.

For the past 16 years my focus has been on developing my clairvoyance and intuitive awareness and abilities. This includes experiencing Life on a direct seeing and knowing level. It provides a whole different perspective and understanding of our so-called reality. This is what I am looking forward to share with those Awakening Souls who are looking for the next steps on their own inner paths.

About the Reading Sessions

These are Spiritual/ Psychic/ Clairvoyant reading sessions. I look at You as a Soul, who you are as a Being, where you are, where you have been and where you are going, how your Spiritual energies are flowing in your Chakras, Aura layers, etc. I communicate with you what I see that will help you take your next steps towards more Wholeness and Oneness.

These sessions are not intended for medical treatment, diagnosis or advice. Or telling the future. Or even telling you what to do. I will simply communicate with you about what energies I see in your space in present time, to the best of my clarity and interpretation. And help you relate with it more joyously.

So, if Spirit is guiding you to have this and your intuition says this is the right next step for you, sign up below...

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